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  • Inside these luxury flats in Pune, find a modern community that supports your ideas – the place where you can soar, surrounded by lush greenery. Verde Residences, Kalyani Nagar offers front-row seats to the cultural revolution for all things glamorous and creative.
  • Experience a sparkling oasis that has something for everyone. Verde Residence, Kalyani Nagar, offers a life with outstanding moments of life, love, and laughter. Discover unique connectivity in one of the most luxurious projects in Pune.
  • Living Rooms at Verde Residences, Pune, are designed to inspire awe. Airy, light-filled rooms with a sprawling layout add opulence to the homes inside the residential project in Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

  • In your Verde Kalyani Nagar home, invite everyone to savor more than just food. Whether the quiet dinners and laughter-filled luncheons, the dining areas in the apartments in Kalyani Nagar are designed to help create memories.
  • The bedroom at your Verde Residences home is your space. Yours to decorate with mementos & illuminate with moments. Our premium flats in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, offer you the perfect way to shut the world out.
  • Fitness finds its way into your life when you live inside the luxurious apartments in Pune. At Verde Residence, Pune, discover your own power and outline personalized workouts with a fully-equipped gymnasium at your disposal.
  • The podium at Verde Kalyani Nagar, Pune offers a new experience every day. Give in to your soul’s demand and take a dip in the temperature-controlled swimming pool or luxurious Jacuzzi at Verde Residence Collection, Kalyani Nagar.
  • Verde Kalyani Nagar showcases unparalleled convenience, style, and luxury. And the podium is where you & your friends come together to celebrate life. The bright, sparkling waters & stylish decks beckon you for an impromptu vacation at one of the best luxury projects in Pune.
  • This is one exceptional place for a swim. Replete with sweeping views of contemporary scenes, the pool at Verde project in Kalyani Nagar offers a space for relaxation. Step out of your lavish flats in Pune to lie back on a poolside lounge and enjoy the dream life.
  • The podium garden at Verde Pune luxury apartments delights all generations, as the parks offer the perfect spaces for family adventures. The fresh air and the beautiful setting at one of the most luxurious projects in Pune will have you refreshed in no time.
  • Beyond the luxury apartments in Pune, every nook at Verde Residence Collection celebrates life and vitality. Find new reasons to escape into verdant landscapes every time you step out.

  • Step out of the luxurious homes in Pune to discover pocket havens of calm greenery. Lose yourself in the beauty of the curated lush gardens at Verd’s Pune luxury homes.

  • A good mood is just a good game away when you live in the most luxurious flats in Pune. Recharge your body and your spirit every time it runs low with a high-energy round of squash at Verde Apartments.

  • The basketball court at Verde Residences Pune offers more than a friendly game. At premium flats in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, this is a place where families can bond, friendships can form, and memories can be shaped.

  • Never be bored when you’re at the Kalyani Nagar project, Verde. Because it is the perfect setting for a friendly community. Walk out of luxury apartments in Pune, and find — run into exciting conversations or discover quiet moments.
  • The Verde Project in Kalyani Nagar is a place where happiness comes home to you. It is the safe haven for tiny humans to form friendships and learn to soar outside of the safety of your residential luxury apartments.
  • The games room at Verde Pune offers more than simple games. Discover your tribe in the elegant setting of the best luxury project in Pune.
    Get ready to laugh & socialize to your heart’s content.
  • Never a dull day at Verde Project in Kalyani Nagar when you’re at the center of a buzzing community. Enjoy your time full of excitement and fun in the Games Room at one of the most luxurious projects in Pune.

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